Day 10 – Stanford

After yet another night of partying and “hot-tubbing”, this time with friendly members of the student body at Berkeley (Go bears!), the men awoke in two different places to two completely polar circumstances. The younger men of the group had been taken to the home of our host and ‘mother bear’, and were greeted in the morning by fresh pancakes with a choice of beef, bacon or eggs. The mature members of the group, who had stayed on at the co-op (halls of residence) where the party had taken place the night before, received a rather more friendly welcome; Several members co-op considered it appropriate to share the contours of their bodies in unexpected detail with the men. A speedy exit was made!

The group reconvened bleary eyed and burdened with ever weary-some luggage to catch the BART (Bay area rapid transportation system, aka metro), destination – Stanford. The journey itself was simple – a 50-minute ride on the BART followed by another 30-minute train ride. The execution proved a little more complex. Although All the King’s men arrived at Stanford train station (aka Palo Alto), only eight of the members successfully made it off the train. The newly formed KCL Men’s Octet continued, heads held high with the smug feeling that they had demonstrated the initiative and intelligence suited to such prestigious surroundings. The remaining quartet continued their train journey; at this point unaware that this would not be their only remedial achievement of the day. Upon successfully alighting the train at California Avenue, the quartet with a combined UCAS point score of over 2000, settled in a coffee shop and devised a plan on the back of napkin. After much thought and deliberation a taxi was called – Crisis averted….

…. well, you would have thought so, but the now infamous quartet achieved a feat unrivalled in the history of transportation blunders! They managed to “miss the taxi” – I’m sure you’ll agree, a truly remarkable accomplishment, even on some of the harshest spectrums of idiocy. To cut a long and frankly embarrassing story short, the quartet did eventually make it to Stanford (via bus), looking rather sheepish and sharing a reluctance to speak of the experience they had shared away from the remainder of the group.

After reconvening and deciding to settle our artistic differences and reform All the King’s men, the group split in search of food. Those with time were then able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Stanford and the aptly accompanying weather conditions, whilst caught up on some of their studies.

The time to refresh, in combination with another epic warm up from our ever enigmatic MD Henry S, that culminated in possibly the most energetic version of “rubber chicken” (Don’t Ask!) the group has known, left us in high spirits for what would be an exciting evening performing with Fleet Street and the Stanford Harmonics. In the chilled surroundings of a café located centrally on campus, all three groups performed to an intimate audience who left in a buoyant mood. We met our excellent hosts (the Stanford Harmonics) becoming more acquainted before yet another evening of partying – Life can be so tough in ATKM!

Tom H


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