Day 8 – UC Davis

The day begun waking up from what was at the time, and what would possibly prove to be, the best night’s sleep of the tour. After several days struggling with the symptoms of sleep deprivation- which included grounchiness and moaniness- a good rest was good for morale. Cameron Carr is currently researching further remedies for lack of cooperation.
Some group members spent the morning by some taking in San Francisco’s finest tourist attraction. The Bay Area proved worthwhile for our budding tourists- with sublime views across the inlet of the Golden Gate Bridge to savor. Aspiring Wildlife Photographer of the Year Josh Darley made the most of the opportunity by snapping the seals which inhabit the shores. David Attenborough has put him on hold.

Others toiled away at work/ proved that joint study sessions are not altogether efficient/ that tour is not the most productive working environment. And after an unusually free morning we embarked on our journey in good spirits.
That was, until, we almost lost half of the group. After disembarking the train we had been travelling on, half the group turned round to see the train pulling out of the station… but no sign of the rest of the members. Confusion ensued. As this was the last stop we were not sure what would happen to the train- it was possible that half of the group would end up stranded in a secluded train depot. I was not in the contingent that was stuck on the train but I am told that the language used in response was choice. And French. As men who make their own luck, however, it prevailed that the train was just moving to the end of the platform… but for a moment…

The rest of the day continued without a hitch. Our hosts were lively and enthusiastic. Certainly one of the more entertaining car journeys of tour- complete with German techno and a ride in the boot of a car.
The gig itself- with the Lounge Lizards- was as enjoyable and high-octane as the after party. We were surprised when, as part of the festivities, a whistle was blown signaling the entire gathering to undress to semi-nakedness. We questioned whether this was a usual occurrence or whether it was the effect All the King’s Men had on people. We were informed it was a regular occurrence.



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