Day 7 – Chanticleer

Waking up with the knowledge that you are a YouTube sensation is incredible. The 28 views that we gained over night for our beach boys-esque video made us feel like celebrities. After a quick breakfast we went in search of Ron Burgundy in downtown San Diego.

Not being able to find the panda to see if she had given birth yet we caught the bus to the airport, on the way being serenaded by a plain song chanting drunk guy who told us to be careful in San Fran”si-si”co. Hugh Benson felt at home in the plane come bar with appropriate mood lighting courtesy of Richard Branson and enjoyed a Virgin special Swasson nuff-nuff on the house. This was the end of part one of our tour beautifully rounded off with a rendition of Walking in Memphis across the intercom to our fellow passengers on the way to San Francisco.

We arrived at the European Hostel, given 1.5 stars on, in one of the shadiest parts of town seeing another side to the world’s richest country. This evening there wasn’t a gig; instead we were meeting with one of America’s top a cappella groups, Chanticleer. We had a taste of what life for AtKM will be like in the future with a tour of their offices and a chat with some of the group in the board room. We were then taken down to the basement and performed to five members of the group who then offered us invaluable advice which we could take away and work on. Perhaps the best advice given was the route to Buck’s Tavern where we had burgers, fries and soda, just for a change. We met many lovely single San Franciscan ladies but unfortunately none were interested. More interested were the guys who came over telling us how much they loved England and our king…

We got back to the hostel, our heads hit the pillow and we were out. Another day in Californian touring like royalty.



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