Day 6 – UCSD

Waking up in Reverse Osmosis’ house was certainly a treat. AtKM have requested that one of our soon to be famous alumni kindly buys us a pad in central London to rival the luxury afforded to our USC counterparts. Once Tom (but which one?) returned from strengthening the Anglo-American relations with one of our female fans, and Jonny lavished us with some lovely bagels, we were ready for a brief rehearsal before heading to UCSD.

Before we hopped on the train to San Diego, the Men had a brief opportunity to do some last minute shopping in LA. Notably Tomos, after his disastrous day recently losing various bits and bobs, acquired a new camera battery – the Men were now sharpening up their act to make sure they looked their best as T-man was trigger happy on the camera for the rest of the day; boys and their toys! Also Angus (or Haggis as he is now known in the States) bought a new harpsichord (code name for the AtKM America football) as the first one didn’t even make it on the plane over! May Harpsichord Mark 1 rest in peace in the depths of Somerset House.

After a relaxing journey to San Diego on the Amtrak trains (I thought we were sitting in first class!) we were enthusiastically greeted by our hosts, the UCSD Trebles (an all female group). For the rest of the afternoon we gave harpsichord its first run around on the beach at the beautiful Scripps Pier. Many of the Men – despite warnings from our hosts about the cold temperatures – also went for a refreshing swim in the Pacific. The jolly afternoon on the beach was topped off with some of the guys singing their stunning version of ‘Somewhere Beyond the Sea’ with lots of tomfoolery ☺ Check it out here:

A quick change and a bite to eat at the UCSD food court (for the first time this trip we managed to avoid pizza and burgers, trying the delights of burritos or a Chinese at the infamous Panda Express!) and the Men were ready for what turned out to be a cracking gig! Our hosts, the Trebles, as well as putting on a yummy spread for all participants and spectators (thank goodness ex-AtKMer Noah Mosley wasn’t there to gobble up all the cakes and chocolate!), sang beautifully and we were truly impressed by the high standard of singing by all the groups at UCSD which also included: The Tritones and the aptly named, Acamazing! Post-gig we were delighted, as ever, to speak to some of the people who attended the performance. We were in for treat, however, as we also got the opportunity to meet some students on exchange from the UK who kindly came to support us.

Afterwards we were grateful for a quiet night and celebrated our joint concert at the UCSD campus bar. Our hosts were so accommodating and we were honoured to discover that we are the first UK group they have hosted. They were amazing and we certainly hope to return the favour in the future. Bring on San Francisco tomorrow!



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