Day 5 – USC

Day 5 of our epic US tour kicked of with the men scattered all over Santa Barbara, as always the assigned time and place for meeting was forgotten but eventually the men met up at Drew’s house – possibly the coolest guy we’ve ever met. San Barbara had the feel of a town which was always on holiday and run by the students. We were, therefore, sad to leave this hip sun swept town and head back to LA.

Another long train journey was made slightly more exciting my a man having a heart attack, hopefully this was not brought on by ATKM singing but one can never be sure! Public transport was not on ATKMs side with our singing once more being halted – clearly the bus driver didn’t want to ‘get it on!’

A hummer greeted us at our next stop – USC. The outdoor gig in the ‘archways’ saw our set much improved with all the guys feeling the groove and singing their a cappella hearts out. Anither splendid gig!

It’s the little things which make ATKM tours special. Tom A’s spectacular fall over his bag in the centre of LA was defiantly one of these! Bring on day 6!



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