Day 2 – Angus snorted

Waking up at 7.30am local time is exceedingly easy if your body thinks it’s 3pm UK time, and so the group managed to assemble in time for our first rehearsal of the tour.  After working on varying numbers and sending a few smug texts home to loved ones suffering in the English rain, we headed off to our first gig of tour – Hollywood High School. We were unsure what to expect when we arrived but suffice to say the stage invasion post gig signalled we must have done something right. Once the men had finished handing out stickers, having endless photos taken with their adoring fans, and once geography student John had identified one of the trees to be of the Eucalyptus variety, we headed out for our first meal in L.A. A 1750 calorie burger later, we stumbled out and perused the tourist attractions of the Hollywood strip. After the amusement of endless stars on the floors with varying famous names emblazoned on them had worn off, we headed over to UCLA to watch a baseball game – and so the problems begun. Our manager, Cameron, is not known for his impeccable sense of direction, and we were confident, as we sprinted across 5 lanes of a freeway, that there must be a more suitable route. Nevertheless, we managed to arrive at the Baseball game without any fatalities. After 2 hours of unsuccessfully trying to work out the rules of baseball, and endless comparisons to why cricket was a better sport, we headed off to meet the UCLA a cappella group ‘Medley’, who had promised to take us to a place where we could obtain an Ice cream sandwich for only $1.50!  After explaining to varying members of the group that this was a sandwich that would not include bread, we sprinted across the freeway once more and began the long walk to the hilariously named ‘Gayley Street’. One amazing ice-cream sandwich later and we found ourselves on a roof top terrace of an apartment block where one of the UCLA singers lived. A private recital from each of the groups with the background of the L.A skyline made for a memorable moment. As we said goodbye to our lovely UCLA counterparts a loud snorting noise erupted from the other end of the group, I looked up and saw Angus shamefully looking at his shoes, alas, his unfortunate snort had not gone unnoticed, and provided a suitably amusing end to an amusing, eventful and brilliant day.


2 thoughts on “Day 2 – Angus snorted

  1. Larry Freeman says:

    I met you guys on the Red Line Subway going to Hollywood and Vine.
    Claremont Colleges knew nothing about you, as did Hollywood High School.
    I want to know when and where you will be at USC, Los Angeles so I can hear you in person.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    Larry Freeman

  2. Ralphjbrob says:

    looks really good and I like the baseball picture. How far did he hit it? The ball.20m or 30m 40m 50m 60m and the burgers look good

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