One week to go…

The pressure is on! We have one week left before we hit the East Coast of America and frankly we cannot wait. We are so excited to be collaborating with some of the best groups in California and singing at some of the top Universities and Colleges in the country! We are already amazed at the generosity the groups have shown us and are very excited about meeting them all. We have a gig every day we are on tour, so no time for relaxation. The Men are preparing themselves for what will be an awesome tour! We have our final concert before tour on Saturday and then we are off; armed with some snazzy t-shirts, new stickers and our 15-track albums to woo the California Girls!

California here we come!

Our schedule has been confirmed for our time in California, so please take time to check out our website for our gigs!


Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for some special photos of our rehearsals and preparation leading up to tour!



One thought on “One week to go…

  1. Laura Patten-Carr says:

    Please do not let Cameron navigate…California is on the West Coast of America! 🙂

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